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    Hooters Changes 30-Year-Old Owl Logo

    Is it a pair of bOObs?

    LEFT— old

    RIGHT — new.

    An Atlanta-based design firm, Sky Design, has given the restaurant chain's iconic owl logo a "more modern and streamlined look."

    Via USA Today:

    "We wanted to give 'Hootie' a facelift along with the stores," says Dave Henninger, chief marketing officer. Three decades ago, when the fledgling Hooters had no logo, the company traced the owl's image from the pages of a dictionary, he says.
    But executives aren't making this change lightly. Hooters did online research with 300 consumers to comment on a handful of different owl designs created by the Atlanta design firm Sky Design. In consumer polling, the new design was preferred roughly 9 to one over the old design says Henninger.

    It's brilliant.

    Whatever you paid for the new slick Hootie, it was a goddamn bargain, Mr. Henninger.

    No word on if the servers' uniforms are changing.

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