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    13 "Healthy" Cigarette Ads

    Back in the day, smoking actually prolonged life.

    1. Putting "100 years old" in a cig ad, oh how devious.

    2. Most people are familiar with this classic ad. Note that the number has been "certified."

    3. Doctors doctors, everywhere...

    4. Sure, throw a dentist in the mix, too.

    5. "A feeling of well-being" — the "for digestion's sake" was a long-running Camel campaign that featured many athletes.

    6. This is my favorite "for digestion's sake" ad. A smoking smoke-eater.

    7. The cure for the common cold (see nurse's copy).

    8. Gotta stay ahead of your fat, tar-colored doppelgänger.


    10. More fat, tar-colored ghosts. The appetite suppressing properties of tobacco haven't gone out of style, of course.

    11. Pall Mall produced a series of ads with illustrations of healthy-looking fruit to sell their taste.


    13. "No curative power is claimed...but" we're going to claim it anyway.