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Four-Year-Olds Shouldn't Have Bucket Lists

But in Kenya they do. A highly-emotional new video from Water Is Life.

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According to the Water Is Life website, 1 in 5 children in southern Africa won't reach the age of five due to a lack of safe drinking water. It is the leading cause of death for children in the region.

Their new video, produced by DDB NYC, introduces us to four-year-old Nkaitole, who wants to grow up to be a "Massai warrior."

The organization takes Nkaitole on an adventure that he couldn't even dream up. He beats his country's fastest sprinter in a race, drives a go-kart, plays soccer in Kenya's national stadium in Nairobi, and in a scene that hits home hard — he sees the Indian Ocean for the first time.

The ad is a little heavy-handed but frankly, it's a pretty damn heavy issue, and not just for Africa. Top philanthropists in the world, like Bill and Melinda gates, have made "water, sanitation & hygiene" their number one priority.

Previously, you may remember, Water Is Life and DDB NYC traveled to Haiti to bring you: First World Problems read by Third World Kids.

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