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    Five Stupid Ads That Recreate That Stupid Jack And Rose Shot From "Titanic"

    100 years ago yesterday, the RMS Titanic sank, killing 1,517 people. So, here are five unoriginal print ads that should have followed stupid Jack down to Davy Jones' Locker.

    Not as much as the dialogue in the movie sucked.

    Ad is for the Utopolis chain of cinemas in Belgium.

    Ad agency: Duval Guillaume.

    "The waterproof HD movie camera."

    They'd be dead, or at least have the bends.

    Ad agency: Whybin\TBWA, Australia.

    Ad is for the Lithuanian chapter of Transparency International, promoting a film festival about Hollywood corruption.

    That's a thin connection.

    For Suraj Electronics in Mumbai.

    "If two pixels can tell you story, imagine what millions can do."


    Ad agency: JWT Mumbai.

    Last and least, an ad for the "Oldtimer Boot Club" of Lake Zurich.

    They're looking for new members.

    You're a BOAT club. Maybe next time, actually shoot an ad on an actual boat.

    And, I'm out.