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Finally, Date Rape Ads That Put The Onus On The Raper

Via Edmonton.


These new posters are a continuation of a campaign launched two years ago by the Edmonton police department. The department reports that alcohol was involved in over half of their sexual assault investigations in 2011.

Even more disturbing was a recent U.K. study involving 18- to 25-year-old males that revealed that 48% of men didn’t consider it rape if a woman is too drunk to know what was going on.

One problem with the campaign: The tagline — "Don't Be That Guy" — should just be removed from the ads. Such colloquial language doesn't belong anywhere near such a serious topic.

Still, the effort is admirable — especially considering that here in the U.S. we still, in 2012, get government ads like this horrible one via the Pennsylvania Liquor Board that puts the blame squarely on drunk women.

More posters from the Edmonton campaign below.

The ads will be posted in men’s washrooms in bars and clubs, as well as in LRT stations and campus and entertainment newspapers, according to osocio.