Crazy, Creepy New Apple-Mocking Commercial

By Samsung. Via Iceland. Directed by Fellini. Starring four ninjas, and a goat.

The Icelandic commercial is announcing that the Samsung Galaxy S4 supports the natives’ language (which I guess the iPhone does not?).

The setting appears to be the remains of an ancient church.
Our hero first tries to manipulate an “apple” like it was a smartphone — with no luck. This is how you mock a competitor and avoid a C&D letter. Note the many “apples” laying on the ground.

But then, an S4 magically appears in his hands, and the creepy ninja-goat dance of happiness begins — at the end of which, I’m guessing, the poor goat was summarily sacrificed to the Tech Gods and our hero and the ninjas drank its blood.

That’s my interpretation.

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