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Confusing Pro-Gay Billboard In Virginia

It could be read as an anti-gay billboard, right?

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From the Mothers and Others of Virginia website:

For the next 30 days, Mothers and Others of Virginia is proudly sponsoring the billboard pictured above at the intersection of Ellwood and Thompson in Carytown.

We all know someone who is gay. It might be a family member or a friend. Children come out to their parents and loved ones in different ways and at different times in their lives. Mothers of gay children have different stories of how their children came out to them and how they came out to their families and friends.

But when you are mother who loves her children it doesn’t matter who your children love. You simply want your children to be happy and safe and to be allowed to live their lives to the fullest.

My first reaction to the board was that it was a warning that your child might, God forbid, be gay. But then I noticed the rainbow colors and went to the website.

The commenters on reddit are also confused.

What was your first thought?