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Chernobyl, 27 Years Later

Friday was the anniversary of the worst nuclear power plant accident in history. Hundreds of people still live there. Photos via English Russia.

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4. According to English Russia, Chernobyl now has six shops, two cafes, several gyms, and a library. But persons under 18 are prohibited to live there, so there are no maternity hospitals or schools.

5. The law prohibits anyone to live in the contaminated zone. Five thousand people work on a rotational basis: they spend two weeks in the zone and two weeks out. However rules are bent: one man admitted that he had been living in Chernobyl for a month.


17. Evgeny Makarych had worked as a teacher before the accident. He said he could not leave the house built by his granddad. His wife and son left the exclusion zone without him.

See many more photos of the exclusion zone at English Russia.


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