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You laugh, but it's already been done. This is the ultimate Ad Creep.

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The concept and retouching work is by graphic designer Ryan Teo.

See some of his process here.

Let's hope it doesn't come to this.

5. Fly-Vertising.

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Back in 2009, German publishing house Eichborn unleashed 200 “fliegenbanners” on startled conventioneers at the Frankfurt Book Fair, garnering attention in an industry that may be getting a little desperate.

Ad agency Jung von Matt/Nectar says the mini-banners were designed “so that the fly could fly with it, but low and for short distances, constantly landing on visitors.”

This stunt was apparently part of the agency’s rebranding of the publisher as “der verlag mit der fliege” (the publishing house with flies).

It makes more sense in German, probably.

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