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    Jul 16, 2013

    Subway Posters Smartly Adbusted

    New York City's two best guerrilla ad fighters keep doing great, quick work.

    1. Poster Boy NYC cuts up a 7/11 subway poster for Occupy The 4th.

    2. Poster Boy NYC pigfaces a Burberry model. "Trench kiss" that, baby.

    3. Jilly Ballistic advises the public on what looks to be a flick with no horse sense.

    4. Jilly Ballistic strikes again. This time perfectly nailing a subway poster for White House Down.

    5. And Ballistic hits a particularly insipid Coors ad during last week's subway gas attack test.

    And, here, from 2008, is one of the best guerrilla stunts I've ever seen.



    Back in 2008, sombody associated with the band The Black Lips tagged posters all over the East Village to promote their Bowery Ballroom show. They even tagged the posters of other musical acts (Goldfrapp, right). FUCKING. BRILLIANT.

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