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    Boston Pizza Can Kiss My Ass For These Redneck-Mocking Ads

    Seriously. F#©K you.

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    These commercials are a couple months old, but I just stumbled upon because I'm a stupid, slow Hillbilly, dumber'n a box of hammers, you might say.

    To introduce their new ribs, Boston Pizza oh so cleverly made up a southern family called the "Ribnecks." That's funnier'n a retard eating hotwings!

    Oh wait, I'm sorry, that's politically incorrect.

    Yet, that's exactly what the commercials are about.

    I guess these spots aired on Canadian TV, since they're via Boston Pizza Canada's YouTube page?

    No matter, I'll eat dirt before I'll eat at one of your restaurants.

    Sorry, Boston Pizza, if I threw a clod in your churn but y'all have a thumpin' gizzard for a heart.

    View this video on YouTube

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