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    Posted on Oct 4, 2013

    "Be The Artist Not The Canvas" Ads Perfectly Target Binge Drinkers

    New "Drink Responsibly" campaign via New Zealand.


    The campaign is by Kiwi brand Steinlager beer.

    The ad agency press note:

    "New Zealand's binge drinking culture makes headlines most weekends. Accordingly, Steinlager has launched a cleverly crafted campaign that employs humour to get the message across.
    The internet is full of pranks played on those who have had a bit much to drink. Naturally, the spotlight is usually on the prankee, rather than the pranker. "Be the artist" aims to give kudos to the person who retained enough of their wits at the end of the night to put pen to forehead, and demonstrate that the sensible drinker can also be the most fun at a party."

    It's makes for a nice way to execute a serious message.

    The campaign also includes a video (below) and a "be the artist" app which lets people make and share ink-punkings of their pissed friends.

    Ad agency: DDB, Auckland.



    4. The best one of the lot.


    View this video on YouTube

    Video directed by: Damien Shatford.

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