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Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors

Just a friendly argument about a fence (NSFW, language and crotch grabbing).

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Some bullet points:

• "My lawyer's already got a...thing on you!"
• "You know how bad I want you? I'm gonna fuck you in the ass, faggot."
• "I'm not stupid. I'm 50 years old!"

From what I can discern from the dialogue, the shitty fence belongs to the cameraman, and the cameraman has a dog that jumps over the fence into the angry man's yard. The angry man was maybe trying to fix the fence?

LIke some redditors said, we don't get to see what provoked the angry man. And the cameraman, with his "I'm Arabian" comment, does sound like a smug prick.

Anyway, I feel this could end in gunplay.

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