Australian Ad Banned Because Of Unsmiling Naked Models

    It wasn't banned because they are naked, it was banned because they aren't smiling.

    The ad (left) for Ella Baché skincare products has been banned because the models' "serious facial expressions increased the sexual overtones of the image", according to Australia's Outdoor Media Association (OMA).

    The photo was to be used as part of national outdoor campaign. In its place, a poster featuring the same models smiling (above, right) will be used.

    Faie Davis, Ella Baché's creative director was nonplussed:

    "This bizarre decision is the epitome of political correctness, indicating that as a society we are becoming very fearful of putting a foot wrong, with the result that stymies creative thinking. In the past we have produced ads approved with nude men and women hugging and kissing, yet now we have an industry self-regulator making judgments on the different sexual mores of a smile or serious expression of models."

    I, for one, support this decision.

    The ad could have sparked a new worldwide movement of naked teen girls taking dead-faced bathroom selfies.