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    Ass-vertising (Safe For Work)

    Six print ads that use ass imagery (not actual asses, sorry) to sell stuff. Why? Good question.

    1. Ursus beer, Romania

    Nice graphic trick! Also: Our beer tastes like piss!

    2. Samantha cracked heel lotion, The Philippines

    Well! Here we have a bit of sense. "Sexy Heels". There ya go, foot fetishists.

    3. Schneider beer, Argentina

    Ass, with bonus stockings! Why would one make an ass out of beer mugs? Because shut-up, that's why.

    4. Miko Magnum light ice cream, France

    O...K. Light ice cream will help you get a taut ass, I guess (shrugs).

    5. Heineken

    The third ass beer ad. Well, Homer Simpson did say a beer is like a woman.

    6. Coway electronic bidets, South Korea

    "We love your tush". OK, this is butthole imagery, butt I thought it fit here. (That's what...nevermind).

    All ads via Ads of the World.

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