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And Here's The Dodgiest Fake Olympics Ad (So Far)

For The Athlete's Foot.

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English marketing website The Drum is holding a "Fauxlympics" ad contest, partly in response to the rigid legal crackdown on brands producing any advertising that's even remotely Olympics/London related.

The Durex Usain Bolt billboard is a big hit online, even duping quite a few mainstream media sites into thinking it's real.

The above was created by Dundee's INK Digital.

England had an amputee sprinter, John McFall, who competed in the 2008 Summer Paralympics. But this does not appear to be him. Anybody know if this man is an actual amputee runner? I've written INK, and am waiting for a reply.

UPDATE: He's Jonnie Peacock, says a reader.

I guess Oscar Pistorius, who is competing in London, gets a free pair.

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