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    An Ad Via Kazakhstan That Makes No Sense Whatsoever

    It has clowns in it.


    • Are Kazakh circus clowns known for not having car insurance?

    • Are circus clowns, in general, not known for having car insurance?

    • Are Kazakh circus clowns known for being bad drivers?

    • Why "circus" clown in the headline, and not just "clown"?

    • Why is there no clown car in this photo?

    • The clowns in this photo are not acting like clowns at all.

    • Will Centras Insurance insure clowns who wear clown shoes while driving?

    • Does "clown" have a double meaning in Kazakh or Russian? (The ad is translated.)

    Creative note #1: This ad violates the "Show & Tell" ad rule — Never show exactly what you're telling in the headline.

    Creative note #2: This is only the second ad from Kazakhstan that I've posted about in 8+ years. Here's the other, an ad for a coffee shop that also makes zero sense.

    Ad agency: GForce/Grey, Almaty, Kazakhstan.