The Cheesiest TV Commercials Ever Made

The cringeworthy 1990s Mentos ads — “DO-DO-DO-DO, OOH-OOH, OOH-AWWWW…”


Proof that bad ads work.

Some of you are old enough to remember when these commercials debuted in America in 1991 (Wikipedia). They were shot, cheaply, in South Africa.

The premise is always the same: Person in minor predicament pops a Mentos into his/her mouth, instantly thinks of creative solution to predicament, wins the day.

The opening notes of the jingle were enough to cause consumers nationwide to dive for the remote to change the channel — too late, those notes had already put the product in their minds.

Here’s the whole damn jingle song, if you’re a masochist.
My stomach is currently churning and I’m questioning my life decisions because I’ve just finished listening to that jingle about 100 times. My wife looked at me like I was insane.

The spots inspired hundreds of parodies, from everybody from the Foo Fighters to your neighborhood amateur cinematographer.


2. “Bench”

3. “Heel”

4. Parody of “Heel”

5. “Dress”

6. “Waiter”

7. “Car”

8. Parody of “Car”

9. “Mall”

10. “Wedding”

11. “Keys”

12. “Photographer”

13. “Roadie”

14. “Beach”

15. “Date”

16. “Airport” (Starring Katie Wright, now Hank Azaria’s wife)

17. Parody (gunplay). Most of the parodies, predictably, involve violence.

18. Parody (gunplay)

19. Parody (rock to the face)

20. Parody (chest hair)

21. Parody (Hit and Run)

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