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Brilliant Ads For Anything — And Nothing

Best advertising Tumblr ever — the ads are all wonderfully terrible.

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Avery Harrison, a creative intern at Digitas and student at Miami Ad School sent me a link to his Tumblr, Ads For Anything, a couple of days ago, and I just checked it out today. I love it. THIS perfectly captures what is the unrelenting BULLSHIT of the ad industry.

Cliched lines sit comfortably over even more cliched visuals, Plus, perfectly placed placeholders for the logo.

Get used to it, Avery. You'll be doing a lot of these IRL.

In fact: MARKETING HONCHOS! Why not steal some of these plum idears for your next utterly pointless chest-thumping corporate ad! When you present it to the CEO (don't forget to insert your logo), just stand there with a smug look on your face, while nodding slowly.

BAM! Sold! Guaranteed.