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Abuse Of The Statue Of Liberty In Foreign Ads

As a great president now known simply as "W" once said, "They hate our Freedom." The statue reopened to the public today.

1. Hey, Brazilian boy with douchebag hair, GET YOUR HANDS OFF OUR LIBERTY.

2. Here, Honduras sticks tiny bunny ear fingers behind our magnificent Lady's head to sell the optical zoom of a Samsung camera. Cram it, Honduras.

3. India tries to steal our Woman with awful Photoshop skills in an ad selling Komatsu wheel loaders. An F-16 would obliterate that thing in a flash.

4. Here, an Italian travel agency thinks our Lady gives a shit about Italian tourists. Get a green card, signore.

5. Copy: "The Metro we'd all like to have lives in Madrid." While the NYC subway system does suck sweaty balls, How DARE you, Spain, make Lady Liberty crawl. Commies.

6. HA HA HA, Brazil. Aren't you funny with your clever deodorant ad. That's not B.O. you smell. It's FREEDOM!

7. Only America is allowed to abuse Her in ads. Here's a classic Peace Corps ad from the late 1960s.

8. OK, maybe American ad agencies shouldn't abuse her either. I, uh, see a bulge, Levi's. Early 1970s ad.