A Celebration Of The Men’s Onesie

Back in the macho ’70s, real men didn’t wear underwear.

1. These days, “onesies” are mostly worn as pajamas, mostly by men with tribal tattoos.

“Man Zone™ Steam Onesie”

2. Or by confused guys like this. Not very practical, what with the airiness.

3. But, back in the Decade of Unending Hot Hairy Sex, men wore onsies to work, dinner, and disco.

GOD, that Gingham design oozes man musk.
Image — and inspiration for this post — via Dangerous Minds.

4. Perfect for Night Fever…

“Zipper front (careful), drop seat…”


Check out the “Soho” — That acrylic baby could take you from boardroom to dance floor to bedroom floor, all with nary a wrinkle.

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