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    Posted on Jul 4, 2013

    10 More Insane Local Russian Ads

    Sick of America today? Take a trip to the Motherland, where local advertising is сумасшедший.

    1. A local bank poster. Copy: "Trust — A Valuable Thing"


    2. Translation: "Pedobear Children's Sports and Games Complex" (that's what it says).


    3. ATM ad. Translation (it's a Russian pun) : "Works Around The Clock"


    4. Translation: "Think about your future! (guy photo) You today! (girl photo) You tomorrow!" IBA Group is an IT service provider, so I guess this a jobs ad. And they maybe also perform sex change operations?


    5. This insanity is via Ukraine: WHERE DID EVERYBODY'S TONGUE GO?!?

    View this video on YouTube

    6. An art show.


    7. Translation: "STOP! Here is the most delicious Shawarma!" I'm guessing the deli didn't pay for this amazing endorsement.


    8. Translation: "Treat your sweetheart to some sausage!"

    9. Translation: "You have smoked? Put out your stub into your ass! I am a beach not an ashtray!" Nice.

    10. And, in case you didn't know, Russia is the place Grumpy Cat made her first worldwide ad appearance (for an internet service provider).

    11. THANK YOU

    All translations by Marina Galperina, Managing Editor of ANIMAL New York.

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