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    8 Utterly Blasphemous Crucifixion Ads

    Happy Good Friday! One ad is NSFW.

    1. Mash Underwear

    He was just like a prayer.

    2. No More Nails Adhesive

    3. LYNX

    Many (not me) felt this Lynx World Cup ad from 2010 was mimicking Jesus on the Cross.

    4. Nike

    No doubt about this one.

    5. Fat Christ

    Ad was banned from the London Tube back in 2008.

    6. Chapel Bar

    In Auckland, NZ.

    7. Telefono Donna Rape Helpline (NSFW)

    Posters put up in several Italian cites by Telefono Donna to raise awareness for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Not surprisingly, the posters outraged conservative male politicians.

    8. Henkel's Makrofix Super Adhesive

    Via Russia.

    Loose headline translation: "Iron nails are past now."

    It won a Cannes Lion in 2004.