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    25 Retro Robots That Will Kill Us All

    Were all these robots destroyed? Or are they sitting in a warehouse somewhere, waiting for a signal?

    1. From 1868. This is what started what will be the downfall of humans. “Zadoc P. Dederick, along with Isaac Grass, was the creator of a steam-powered humanlike robot designed to pull a cart.”

    2. From 1910, the first ever robot was a German. Look at that face.

    3. From 1929. Its name is "Eric." That RUR is not sinister at all.

    4. From 1929. Another fucking "Eric" also from London.

    5. From 1930. "With its inventor English Captain WH Richards, the robot can speak, turn its head, hold objects and bow." And disembowel.

    6. From 1931. WHY IS HE 9-FEET TALL? Look at that face.

    7. From 1931. The "Plot Robot" has a soul...

    8. From 1932. Yasutaro Mitsui and his steel humanoid.

    9. From 1931. Just read that copy. Fucking YIKES.

    10. From 1934. The Manassa Mauler was a tough Mick — like me — but that robot would've punched holes through him.

    11. From 1933. He smokes, he sings, he crushes, he destroys.

    12. From 1934. Willie smokes, sits, stands...They left out "kills"

    13. From 1936. Why did you give it a HEART, Hyman?

    14. From 1936. Why did all these idiots make their robots bigger than us?

    15. From 1938. Read that last line: ..."disdainfully sweeps..."

    16. From 1948. Look at those claws, and what's with the star?

    17. From 1948. "Robot turns actor"...turns killer. Just takes a brain adjustment.

    18. From 1949. Look at its hands.

    19. From 1949. Sparko (the dog) will hunt you, and Elektro will kill you.

    20. From 1950. A robot elephant. That's just great.

    21. From 1952. Puffed its cheeks?

    22. From 1955. "I am Gismo. Take me to your leader."

    23. From 1957. Zombie Robot is dormant, waiting for the signal.

    24. From 1961. The MM47. "...from housework to handling radioactive materials..."

    25. Humankind's future.