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    25 Fascinating Soviet Anti-Alcoholism Posters, 1929-1969

    The Battle with the Bourgeois Bottle. Obvious Winner: the Bottle.

    You drink so much, your head is a liquor cabinet comrade!

    It's a Vodka!

    No thanks! I only drink before and after meals.

    Hospital bills paid by Government, I love my country!

    alcOhol. (I think the noose is an "O" here.)

    Drag this one to Siberia, too. (Actual translation: Eradicate the Evil, from 1959.)

    Snake venom vodka is delicious. (Translation: Overcome!)

    He drinks so much, he must have a holllow leg.

    I've been bottle-feeding him since conception!

    The dirty footprint on the clean sheets bothers me more.

    Alcohol makes comrade a brilliant conversationalist! (Actual: Socially dangerous!)

    Alcohol — Enemy of Reason. (That's why I drink.)

    Don't be a dumbbell!

    Alcohol destroys trees? Now, that's just a big Red lie.


    "For your health?" From 1969.

    Alcohol gives me huge guns! ("Dad, do not drink" from 1929)

    The long arm of Lenin. From 1929. (Actually Lenin died in 1924.)

    Not until he's 10! (Not a drop! from 1961)

    "And they say we are pigs..." Shut-up, stupid pigs. From 1959.

    Alcohol! Social lubricant, machinery lubricant! From 1929.

    Too long/drunk, didn't read (1929).

    "Remember: when you drink, your family is hungry" Nothing funny about that. 1930.

    No bottle opener, no problem.1930.

    "HOW DRY I'M NOT...HOW DRY I'M NOT..." Via 1966.

    Update: I deleted the third poster, because it was an offensive parody poster. It's been replaced with the real one.