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Posted on Jul 5, 2013

24 Shirts That Would Get Men Laid Today

This was the 1970s — you and your ironic t-shirts will cower in fear.

1. Admit it ladies: you can't take your eyes off those fucking feathers.

2. Even this doofy dork was bangin' em three at time. The key? 100% unnatural shirts.

3. All three of these Arrow shirt studs — yes, even Bob — got more poontang than you.

4. The only question left for you honey is: what position will we start in?

5. The eyepatch? It makes me a better fashion photographer. Dinner?

6. Fourplay.

7. Just forgot this one, none of you wimps could handle it.

8. I can't even look at this guy — androgen overload.

9. The ladies won't leaf him alone.

10. In three seconds, she will be making like an arrow for his belt.

11. It was known in the 70s as "the Dacron® stare."

12. They just left an orgy, and now they're heading to...another orgy. Not a wrinkle in sight.

13. He's got a killer shirt and a BIG gun.

14. Not satisifed yet, ladies?

Well, here's 10 more of sexiest shirts from the 70s.

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