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20 Things New Yorkers Older Than 40 Did

And will never do again. It was a great time to be a New Yorker.

1. Take in the view while eating at Windows on the World.

2. Eat the best 5 a.m. meals of our life, elbow to elbow with strangers.

3. Go underground knowing exactly how many rides we had left.

4. Read the best weekly newspaper in America.

5. Call people on the plentiful and clean (and working!) NYC pay phones.

6. See legendary shows at CBGB.

7. Go out in the East Village before gentrification.

8. Go to Billy's Topless (no implants!), before Mayor Rudy Giuliani forced them to change it to Billy's "Stopless" (no topless dancers) and eventually close.

9. See Cool New York-centric street ads everywhere.

10. Walk through Soho before it was a shopping mall.

11. Leave a downtown Saturday night party and walk for 15 minutes through the Financial District to get to our subway — without seeing another soul the whole way. It was fucking eerie.

12. Walk the old 42nd Street. We saw bad crimes happen on 42nd Street. We don't think it was better, but we remember it.

13. Go to many, many dot-com parties (always free alcohol!) — all at the "coolest" venues — in the late 1990s. So much geek money. Millions one day, nothing the next.

14. Remember the 1993 World Trade Center truck bombing that failed to bring down Tower 1.

15. Go to Yankee games at the old stadium in the 1990s.

16. Spend a blackout night in The Chelsea. (We stayed in the "Nautilus" room, where everything — the lamp, the bed, the rug — was shaped like a nautilus shell.)

17. Max Fish. So many nights at MAX (period) FISH.

18. Ride in individually adorned subway cars.

19. Think that people who lived in Williamsburg were insane. (Well, that hasn't changed, but the reasons have.)

20. This.