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    20 Suicide-Themed Ads

    The Hyundai suicide commercial fiasco has gotten much press. But ad agencies have long loved using suicide as a creative linchpin.

    1. Chupa Chups

    Via South Africa.

    "Get out the way, Dollie. Life's not worth it without my lolli."

    2. Nothing Sucks Like an Electrolux

    View this video on YouTube

    Probably a spec commercial, and pretty funny.
    Not so bad, because the humor is very exaggerated.

    3. Miu Miu

    Part of a Miu Miu ad from 2011 with actress Hailee Steinfeld (wonderful in True Grit). The UK's ASA banned the ad, ruling that the sad-looking Steinfeld appeared to be in the act of committing suicide.

    4. Bafco Office Furniture

    Your depressed old chair blew its guts out.
    The tired "old useless product killing itself" idea has been used over and over and over again.

    Via Dubai.

    5. POM

    POM got blasted for this poster ad, not just for the suicide imagery, but also because of over-promising its health benefits just a tad.

    6. Bridgetone Tires

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    A real commercial that was later pulled.

    7. Bagir non-wrinkle suits.

    Via Israel.

    Ironclad idiotic anthropomorphism.

    8. Vanish

    Via Colombia.

    Stained clothes killing themselves.

    9. General Motors Suicide Robot Super Bowl ad.

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    GM took lots of flak for this commercial back in 2007.
    When it aired, autoworkers were being laid off by the hundreds.
    They eventually edited out the suicide scene.

    10. Oxford Bookstore

    Via India.

    "The truth hurts. Read fiction."

    11. Seidl Confiserie chocolate

    Via Germany.

    Epically stupid.

    12. IKEA — Hünge Stool

    Fake ad by a Russian ad agency.
    Nobody would use a piece of crap IKEA stool for such an important moment.

    13. Heineken "Fuck It"

    View this video on YouTube

    British spec spot.
    But, Heineken never got it pulled.

    14. D&AD Awards

    Back in 2010, the UK's most prestigious ad awards show did a series of student-promoting ads showing actual older famous (within the industry) British creatives "killing themselves" because of the new blood.
    The ads met with "mixed" reviews.

    15. Renaxil anti-hair loss treatment.

    Via Brazil.

    Hair I am to save the day (sorry).

    16. Virgin Radio

    Via the USA.


    17. Chery QQ

    Via Paraguay.

    "Less visits to the pump."
    So, pump blow its brains out.


    View this video on YouTube

    Cat commits suicide because of owner's pathetic life — which is unbelievable because cats definitely don't care how pathetic YOU are.

    19. Pepsi Max — "One very very lonely calorie"

    Via Germany.

    Pepsi took much heat for these 2008 print ads.

    20. Lego

    I guess the teenager here spent his childhood watching one too many violent movies, and now he’s pounding Dad’s Chivas Regal and about to blow his head off with…a 3-D printed Lego gun. Ad from 2009.

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