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20 Most Powerful "Save The Animals" Ads

From all over the world. We don't just love cats here at BuzzFeed.

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3. Greenpeace

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I'm not a fan of melodramatic PSAs, but this one melted my cynicism.

V/O: Jude law.

Music: Radiohead.


9. Sea Birds Eating Plastics

(sorry for the blurry scans)

Via New Zealand (L) and Australia (R).
The Aussie ad is new and part of a Greenpeace campaign against Coke, who are fighting "cash for containers" laws.
If these don't turn your stomach, check out this photo series of dead albatross chicks by Chris Jordan. Their mothers fed them plastic bottle caps, thinking they were food, and the babies then starved to death.

10. Surfrider Foundation

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Via the USA.

Keep drinking those plastic bottled beverages. No biggie.


12. WWF

An amazing video made with only still photos, called Parallax Sequence.
Music: Snow Patrol.

14. Forever Wild

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Via South Africa.

"YouTube Interventions" to help save the rhino.
A fucking brilliant idea, bravo.