20 Most Powerful “Save The Animals” Ads

From all over the world. We don’t just love cats here at BuzzFeed.

1. Bund

Bund is a German non-profit.
Feeling any urgency yet?

2. WWF

A simpler, more powerful idea you won’t find.
“It’s your turn.”

Via Singapore.

3. Greenpeace

I’m not a fan of melodramatic PSAs, but this one melted my cynicism.
V/O: Jude law.
Music: Radiohead.

4. Recycling

Recycling campaign via France.
Second ad below.

5. Recycling

6. WWF

Via China.
The last words of extinct animals.
The copy is a tad heavy-handed, but that’s likely because of the translation to English.
These ads hit me.

7. Anti-Mining

Via The Philippines.
The southern part of Palawan Island, inhabited by indigenous tribal people, is being mined by several large corporations.
That’s a mouse deer. See two other ads here.

8. WWF

Via Spain.
“Toxic emissions are the worst threat for wildlife.”

9. Sea Birds Eating Plastics

(sorry for the blurry scans)
Via New Zealand (L) and Australia ®.
The Aussie ad is new and part of a Greenpeace campaign against Coke, who are fighting “cash for containers” laws.
If these don’t turn your stomach, check out this photo series of dead albatross chicks by Chris Jordan. Their mothers fed them plastic bottle caps, thinking they were food, and the babies then starved to death.

10. Surfrider Foundation

Via the USA.
Keep drinking those plastic bottled beverages. No biggie.

11. WWF

Via India.

12. WWF

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/50672419.

An amazing video made with only still photos, called Parallax Sequence.
Music: Snow Patrol.

13. The Shark Project

Via Germany, great direct mail idea.
“You have just finned a shark.”
Shark fin soup is one of the main reasons we are killing off the animal.

14. Forever Wild

Via South Africa.
“YouTube Interventions” to help save the rhino.
A fucking brilliant idea, bravo.

15. WWF

Via India.

16. WWF

Via Turkey.
Sharks are 400 million years old.
We are killing tens of millions of them a year.

Second ad below.

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