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19 Insane Ads With Hitler Selling Everything From Tea To Deodorant

Today is Adolf's 123rd birthday! So here are a bunch of Hitler ads from countries all over the world — including Germany!

Rasayana anti-stress tea, "Make Peace With The World." Digging that shirt, even though it's a Photoshopped Iron Cross. Via Turkey.

Some brand of herbal laxative tea. The "demon" being, I guess, Shit(ler). Via Thailand.

a bela Sintra wine, via Brazil.

Amundsen, a Czech Vodka. Der Führer is distilled into an insane bunny. Nice.

The Hideki barber shop in Japan.

For Sedicis deodorant, via Spain. Sieg...Hell! your pits smell!

For Texsana, a Swiss dry cleaner. What stains are we talking about, exactly?

Sokos is a department store chain in Finland. The Finns hate the Germans.

For Chopstix, a Chinese joint in Jakarta. This, I think, is the winner for the most forced borrowed interest use of Adolph.

For Nulaid eggs. Well, Hitler's head was kind of egg-shaped. Via South Africa.

Hell Pizza, via New Zealand. Because...Hitler is in Hell, I guess?

Hitler's 'stashe is an HP flash drive. Via India.

The best Hitler ad here, especially since it's for a German hat seller.

Comedy Central, via Germany. It won a Silver Lion at Cannes in 2007.

Jitler! Ad for rubbers via Doc Morris pharmacies in Germany. Don't pro-create Germans! Because, ya never know...

It's the handsomest Hitler's ever looked, for some audio book seller in India. He's not a lizard, that's a bookmark. Ad won a Silver Lion At Cannes last year.

For Luxor highlighters, also via India. All the words highlighted are about Hitler. I don't get it either.

This is the most bizarre one of the bunch. Yes, that's a mash-up of Der Führer and James Dean. Because CNA, a South African entertainment retail chain, wanted to show you that they've got whatever you're looking for.

Lastly, since it's also Weed Day, gaze at Rasta Hitler, created by Belgian humor magazine HUMO.

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