18 More Billboards Improved By Environment/Graffiti

Hate advertising? Here you go.

1. Microsoft “Surface” ad resurfaced by Poster Boy NYC.

2. LIVE FOR NOW — well, not you people down there.

3. Optimal location for a Girl Scouts billboard.

4. Five minute major, groin punch.

5. Obviously done on purpose by the store, but still…

6. Via Australia. May contain traces of “Toolworx”

7. “Oasis”

8. Via Berlin. Originally read: MAYBE NEVER WINS

9. Life is short — drink up.

10. Mother Nature says “No.”

11. Coors Light = Water

12. Hell is a Danger Zone.

13. A Russian “drive safely” billboard crashed into by unsafe driver (not a stunt). Copy translates roughly to “Speed must be reasonable.”

14. Noted coke fiend Kate Moss. Photo snapped during snowfall.

Photo by copyranter.

15. Via Brooklyn, Capital One billboard gets Greenspanned.

16. Via midtown Manhattan, two years after 9/11.

Photo by copyranter.

17. In Plattsburgh, NY. Syphilis…pass it on.

18. Via Beirut, where “FAP” is a mattress company. Love all the heavy machinery.

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