15 Of The Best Baseball Commercials

Say hey — it’s opening day!

1. Dick’s Sporting Goods

This spot is new for 2013.
It was shot in one take.
A baseball ad like it has never been produced before.
I’ve never seen a commercial that captures the suspense of a sport better than this one.

As a sports fan, today is my favorite day of the year.

That’s because my two favorite baseball teams, the Mets and the Mariners, are both in first place.

You might be saying, “You can’t have two favorite baseball teams and be a real fan.”

Normally, you’d be right.

But I have an absolutely ironclad reason as to why I have two favorite baseball teams that I love equally, a story I’ve shared with both Mets and Mariners fans, the reasoning of which has never been refuted by those fans. Not even once.

Luckily for you, I am not going to share this long, boring — but irrefutable — story with you now.

What I will share with you is that, when I was 10, I read the book The Baseball Life of Willie Mays 29 times. Twenty-nine.

Also, I’ll share some funny baseball commercials.

Let’s go Mets…and M’s!

2. MLB 2K9

This list could have, of course, been all video game ads.
But I just picked out my two favorites (second one below).
This one is just wonderful.

3. Playstation MLB 09

“Apart from you?”
The great commercial actor Jerry Lambert puts Pedroia in his place.

4. Yunker Energy Drink

Over to Japan, and a display of Ichiro’s throwing accuracy.
I wonder how many takes it took?

5. Sky TV Japan

You got broken fingernails, arms, skulls—ha? WHAT did I just watch?

6. Pizza Hut (from TMNT)

As someone who also “played” right field in little league, tears in my eyes.

7. Gatorade

Brilliant, whoever thought to use Harvey Keitel here.

8. Seattle Mariners

The Mariners are known for their entertaining spots.
This one is my favorite. That man won 20 games with that crap.

9. Aquafina

Lou Pinella, who never met a relief pitcher he liked, hilariously mocks himself.

10. ESPN SportsCenter #1

This list also could be made up of just ESPN spots.
But I picked three of my favorites. Two more below.

11. ESPN SportsCenter #2

12. ESPN SportsCenter #3

13. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Great performance by Rollins.

14. Fox Sports

Alright, yes, we all agree that cockfighting is horrible, horrible.
But this ad is just dark Yankees/Red Sox humor at its best/worst.

15. New Era

All the Baldwin-Krasinski New Era spots are good, but this one is the best.

16. BONUS: Moneyball

As a stats nerd, I love this amateur poster created by a graphic designer.

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