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15 Banned Fashion Ads

Too sexy, too violent, too blasphemous, too druggie, too suicidal, etc.

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3. Hilarious classic Levi's commercial was banned in the UK.

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In 2010, this British ad for streetwear brand FLY53 featuring a be-tatted fellow about to blow the head off another guy was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority after receiving one (1) complaint. How much you wanna bet the complainant was a FLY53 employee?

A spokesperson for the brand defended the ad's visual as "cartoon-like."

In 2011, the UK's ASA banned the ad featuring Dakota Fanning after it received four complaints that it "sexualised children." The ASA said that the way the perfume bottle rested in Fanning's lap was "sexually provocative" and considered that the actress actually looked to be under the age of 16.

IN 2011, the Australian ASA banned the ad because it "inappropriately depicted a young girl in a sexualised manner." The UPC code on her shoulder reads 'SLAVE."

Roger David explains the "concept" of the ad:

"The image of the woman (is) a comment on youth and the national debt that now rests on their shoulders and as an ironic patriotic comment on capitalist recruitment and identity. The relevant audience for this advertisement is young men (I) believe that young men would relate to this image, and would not see it as shocking or exploitative."

HO-K then.

9. 2008 Agent Provocateur spot featuring Kylie Minogue was banned pretty much all across the earth.

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10. Diesel's hilariously stupid 2010 ad for its sneakers.

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Image from a 2011 Miu Miu ad featuring Hailee Steinfeld (wonderful in True Grit) sitting on railroad tracks waiting to—obviously—commit suicide. At least, that's what the UK's ASA ruled, and subsequently banned the ad.

15. 10-year-old French Connection ad banned in the UK, officially, for its "violent and sexual nature." But really, for DAT KISS.

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...about 10,000 American Apparel ads. You can search and find those on your own.

To see more banned fashion ads, including the 1990s CK ads that sexualized children, go to this link on Hunger TV

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