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    13 Worst Famous Man-Perms Ever

    Inspired by this wonderful Dangerous Minds post, we seek to make a definitive list. Ah, the 1970s.

    1. Donald Sutherland

    We've purposely excluded Justin Timberlake and several Country & Western stars from the list.

    2. Johnny Wadd Holmes, porn star

    I love 1970s porn, but any scene that featured this hair (that's approximately 10,000 scenes) is impossible to watch.

    3. Tom Fucking Hanks

    4. Weird Al Yankovic


    5. Michael Brady (actor Robert Reed)

    Combine the hair with a leisure suit = early 1970s fashion HELL.

    6. Phil Spector

    I also almost didn't include this psycho, because he did his hair like this on purpose to make his murder trial more of a circus.

    7. Michael Schmidt (Hall of Fame third baseman)

    Maybe the worst perm in the history of Man.

    8. Kevin Keegan, English footballer

    Also, maybe, the worst perm in the history of Man.
    Keegan, unfortunately, inspired hundreds of thousands of Brit men to follow suit with their locks.

    9. Oh Al, no Al.

    10. Dustin Hoffman


    K-Mart sucks.
    So did your hair.

    11. George Harrison (and Ringo Starr)

    1970s hair was a pox that hit great and terrible stars alike.

    12. Even the epically great Freddie Mercury did it.

    13. NOOOOO, not David Bowie!

    14. The post author in the late 70s. No perms for me, EVER. And my Mom was a hairdresser.