12 Best/Worst Local Ads Of The Week

Time again to cheer or sneer at amateur creativity.

1. Kolkata Traffic Police in West Bengal, India.

Good job.
Grade: A+

2. Dave Foreman, ReMax real estate agent

Nice one, Dave.
Grade: A

3. The Soap Opera

Very clever!
But, not very original.

Grade: C+

4. Some frame shop

Again, very clever.
But this copy is on about a thousand frame shops in the world.

Grade: B-

5. Some plant and flower business

Very funny!
But again: NOT ORIGINAL.

Grade: B-

6. Unknown business

Looks more like “Fresh To Your Window”
Grade: D

7. Almaraz Law Firm (3 locations in southern Texas)

If I am ever killed by any of those methods, I will call you.
Also, “anywhere” is one word.

Grade: D

8. A very sly local ice cream business

Pre-1965 quarters are 100% silver.
They fetch $4-5 on ebay.

Grade: A (for business acumen)
Grade: F (for screwing the consumer)

9. Cox Farms in Centreville, VA (I think, please correct if wrong)

Cox Farms, run by 10-year-old boys.
Grade: D

10. Northeastern Fence in Saugus, MA.

OK OK, you’re giving me more reasons to buy, good move.
Grade: B


If you know where this book shop is, please comment.
Grade: A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

12. Charleton (MA) Plumbing — YOU PUT A PIECE OF SHIT ON YOUR TRUCK.

Grade: Either A or F, I can’t decide.

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