12 Terrible Local Business Ads

You’ve seen the best local business ads. These are embarrassingly bad.

1. Via Franklin, NC. How long did you geniuses brainstorm to arrive at that visual?

2. Was that necessary? How bout “yard” sale?

3. Hardy-Har-Har, douchebag Las Vegas realtor.

4. 1. That line’s been used by about a hundred steak joints. 2. Thanks for making me think about what might happen to my food if I complain.

5. Via Prince Edward Island, Canada. See above comment.

6. I’m guessing the word missing from your sign is “SHITTY”

7. Via Massachusetts. This stupid sign makes me want to rob your stupid liquor store.

9. Congratulations — you’re the one millionth A/C-related business to use that line.

10. Our “jokes” are so stale, they make our pizza seem “fresh”

11. Your pun instantly killed 1,000 Chihuahuas.

12. What is this? A mass suicide?


Here’s the best local business ads from June.

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