11 Freaky Photoshopped Tongue/Lips Ads

Male art directors have a BIG oral fixation.

1. New ad out this week for 5 Gum, via the UK. Seeded tongues, here they come…

2. Fanta strawberry ad, via Brazil.

3. And one more disgusting seeded tongue for Ehrmann yogurt, via Germany.

4. The only ad here that I like. For Mars Chilled, a billboard erected on Kyber Pass Road in Auckland, NZ back in 2007.

5. I haven’t a clue what the pink stuff is.

6. Arousa topical women libido enhancer ad, via Saudi Arabia. I am imagining a burning penis.

7. VW Beetle-shaped lips. Yeah-NO. Ads via Italy.

8. Mentos ad via France. Translation: “Chew Cubed.”

9. “Speak two languages.” I am NOT going there, gentlemen. Poster for Berlitz language schools in the Rome Metro.

10. Hiltl vegetarian restaurant, via Switzerland. Yeech…

11. Toku-Chan Korean BBQ House, via Japan. Yummy cannibalism.

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