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    Posted on Jul 8, 2013

    11 Ads Ruined By Creepy Clowns

    Three times it's OK to use clowns in ads: 1. For a circus. 2. For a horror movie. 3. There is no third time.

    1. 1947 ad. Jesus.

    2. 1964 ad. "I'm no longer a working clown. I just persue Variety every day to find my next victim."

    3. 1959 ad. "It saddens me that the youngest victims scream the least."

    4. Today, no one in Knoxville will talk about the day "Bobo" blew his top.

    5. 1928 beer ad. A drunk German clown. RUN, sweetheart. Run.

    6. 1912 ad. "Gladden"

    7. For some reason back in the early 20th century, the Zu Zu ginger snaps mascot was this drunk flasher clown.

    8. "I like watching Suzi practice in her sexy underwear. Yeah baby. Don't fall baby."

    9. And they still haven't found my body.

    10. 1957 ad. "Hey chicks, when a clown goes down, the girls never frown."

    11. 1937 ad. It was at that moment that the clown realized the strongman could be very helpful, very helpful, indeed.

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