11 Ad Writers Who Completely Lost Their Minds

Alcohol, crushing depression, and copywriting don’t mix well.

1. I seriously wonder if this alcoholic Mad Man made it through that week alive.

2. “Gay as the darts of sun on water”? IT’S A CANDY BAR.

3. Ha, WHAT? A bucket of female deers? Why make me try to picture a bucket with knuckles? Why a fucking bucket?

4. “Most husbands, nowadays, have stopped beating their wives…” I believe this writer was working through some personal issues while writing soup ads.

5. After reading this fragrance description, it is easier to understand why the company is now bankrupt.

6. Ken Cole, the master of the ill-timed pun, here in 2009 at the height of the economic crisis, mocked consumers’ fears to sell women’s handbags and shoes.

7. I sincerely hope this copywriter was on acid when he wrote this. Actually, no. That’s a massive insult to the regular acid-writers of the late 60s. (I posted this ad yesterday, but had to include it here, too).

8. The “Dear Kettle One Drinker” campaign is famous for being puzzlingly annoying. This was the worst of the ads, which I interacted with.

9. What you are, Equinox: A FUCKING GYM. What you’re not: an ancient, magical mystical elvish chamber where mortal men come by horse and foot to polish their auras and discover their dormant—but predetermined—purposes.

10. Injun massacre reference used to sell hair brush. 1899 ad. Look at that sweatin’ Injun.

11. This writer SLAVED over that fake typo-ridden copy. He was obviously channeling some unhealthy office lust of his own.

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