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15 Super-Cool Logos

And, one super-bad one.

1. Committee of Organ Donation in Lebanon.

2. For an anti-racism festival in Greece, 2010.

3. The Guild of Food Writers

4. Symbionese Liberation Army

Definitely the coolest ever terrorist group logo.

(See more terrorist group logos here)

The seven-headed cobra is an ancient Sri Lankan symbol.

If you're too young to know what the SLA was, and who the famous heiress in the photo is, here.

5. bp logo redesign


Greenpeace held a bp logo redesign contest after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

This was the very deserved clear winner.

6. Wine Searcher

7. Google redesign


Street art on The Bowery, NYC, 2011.

Especially apt these days, and it beats every doodle Google has ever posted.

8. Hands-down, THE best sports logo ever. (And I'm a Canadiens fan).

9. A DJ duo.

10. The Playboy bunny logo (made of 200 naked models)

11. Guinness


Not an official Guinness logo, but it should be.

It's a poster ad put up in NYC bars. Brilliant.

12. Rocket Golf


Logo for a PGA Pro who's teaching philosophy is based on laws of physics and geometry, and uses rocket technology to explain how people should best apply muscular thrust to custom fitted golf clubs with premium shafts.

13. Spartan Golf Club

14. Diamond Bookstore, Montreal.

15. London Sperm Bank

16. Lastly, this was the CIA's laughably awful, official "War On Terror" logo during the Bush administration.

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