10 Positively Brilliant Unconventional Outdoor Ads

    Unlike most eye-pollution billboards, these actually improve the surroundings.


    Here in Manhattan, Corona just put up this billboard at 15th St. and 9th Avenue that, on a couple nights a month, from this angle, makes the real waxing crescent moon look like a slice of lime sitting in the bottle. Tonight and tomorrow night, weather permitting, are two of those nights.

    Pretty ingenious, and very refreshing, as Corona advertising of late has sucked — not limes — but balls. Ad agency: Cramer-Krasselt.


    Via France. New campaign by IBM — "People For Smarter Cities Project."

    When has a billboard ever, really, helped you? Here's a third execution that helps you get out of the rain. Ad agency: O&M Paris.


    Via Egypt.

    Copy on comb reads: "Prophet Muhammad said: 'All humans are equal like the teeth of a comb.' So why does the new constitution treat women as lesser beings in the name of religion? Come to the 'Constitution Debates' held by the JRMC Department and learn more about your rights. Don't submit to another man's will. Submission is no solution."


    Accessorize, a chain of jewellery shops in Geneva, replaced several street chains with giant necklaces. Again, brilliant. Ad agency: Saatchi & Saatchi.


    Via Sweden. Onsala is the best known brand of sandwich sausage in Sweden. This is how they advertised a new and improved version of the meat. Perfect. Ad agency: Goss.


    Via Lithuania.

    For the Fabrica Dentis dental clinic.

    Copy reads: "If it was a tooth, we would make it white."

    Great, cheap as fuck, ambient idea.

    Ad agency: : NRM, Vilnius.


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    Cool bus shelter idea executed last Christmas by McDonald's in Canada.
    Ad agency: Cossette, Vancouver.


    Via Amsterdam. A brilliant, simple, eye-catching idea that instantly makes you feel empathy for stutterers. What more could you ask for? Ad agency: Y&R.


    Via Germany. In the winter time when all of the trees had lost their leaves, fake trees with plastic leaves were positioned in a highly trafficked area of Frankfurt. The trees were covered with oversized freshness bags on which was written: "Keep it fresh with freshness bags by Rubin." Great idea. Ad agency: Publicis Frankfurt.


    Via London.

    Boost energy drink, now with much more boost.

    Ad agency: Big Communications, London.