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10 Of The Best Unconventional Ads Ever Produced

Including 3 winners from Cannes last week.


Via Montreal for allergy medicine Allegra.
Just won a Bronze Lion at Cannes.


Stunt in Toronto last St. Patrick's Day.
The ad agency (Grey) put logo posters up in office windows near pubs, and used the blinds to make foam. Won a Bronze Lion at Cannes last week.


Via Denmark. Brilliant.



Via Spain.
Very simple, and very smart.
Just won a Silver Lion at Cannes.


Via Brazil.
Translation: "Save a life. Put out your cigarette."
Best ad use of sidewalk poles ever?


Best ad on the side of a building ever?


By UNICEF in Germany.
Translation: "In many other countries, you would be mutilated.
Help the victims of landmines."
A bit annoying? Yes.
A great idea for a great cause? Yes.


Via Dallas. Very smart.
And the local McDonald's probably saw some increase in business, too.


Put up in Chicago just before the Hawks won the Cup.

10. 1955. Times Square.

11. Here some more great ones:

Four of the smartest ambient ads from the last four years.

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