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10 More Vintage Ads That Didn't Dick Around

You want subtle, get out of here.

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1. Japanese ads for Mandom cologne featuring Charles Bronson.

2. "No fancy fol-de-rol" for this tough guy.

3. From WWII. Racist? Of course. But "Blabotage" was a copywriting gem.


5. Now this was a Chanel ad.

6. Even life insurance ads didn't sugarcoat nothing.

7. Ad by Paul Arden while at Saatchi & Saatchi London.

8. Government PSA, from 1936.


9. 1955. Vincent Price for Smirnoff. Shot by Bert Stern.

10. The 1970s. Bette says, drink Jim Beam, and shut-up.


10 more vintage ads that didn't fuck around.

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