10 More Terrible Corporate Facebook Updates

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1. Krispy Kreme

Really? Sing along?
And share what?

2. Renault

I bet you’re Dying.
Plus Renault seems to have a stolen an image from Toyota’s legendarily awful “We’ll Excite You” campaign which featured TV spots ending with freeze-frame shots of jumping morons.

3. OCBC Bank

Heady relationship advice…
Just what you want from a bank…
A Malaysian bank that stole this image from a 2009 American ad.

4. Ladbrokes

Nice, Ladbrokes, way to exploit racism to up that LIKES ticker.

5. KLM

Flynt is the “first puppet CEO of KLM airlines.”
Condescending Corporate Brand Page reports that 58 idiots actually responded accordingly. So, what do we know?

6. Dove

Because you’re too stupid to think of your own things, use our suggestions and build up our social media tote board count.

7. Rekorderlig Cider



Yes Diesel is currently doing this on Facebook to sell watches. Also, to gain valuable demo info on their “fans.” Just awful and pathetic.

9. Swiffer

Ah, Swiffer.
A repeat offender.

10. Dansko

And the winner!
Dankso posted this four (4) days after the Newtown massacre.

All updates via the absolutely essential Condescending Corporate Brand Page. Follow them!!!!! Especially if you are a brand manager.

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