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10 More Of The Best/Worst Local Business Slogans

Celebrate/laugh at amateur "ingenuity."

1. Brilliant, cheap bathroom stall advertising for an Herb store.

2. Smart, if not creative, copy for central Texas.

3. Not the best drawing of Statler and Waldorf, and not the funniest quip, but at least you tried.

4. I already don't trust you, and now you will never get my business

5. These stupid sexual puns are rote for the construction/excavating business category. But again, at least you tried.

6. See above.

7. Nice facial on McDonald's by local coffee shop.

8. What is option 'D'? Also, sexist.

9. As someone who fucking hates Instagram and Instagrammers, BRAVO. Fuck-off, you pathetic epicurean archaeologists.

10. Though it is your swan song slogan, *slowclap*