10 More (Mostly) Great Local Business Ads

Amateur creativity is a beautiful thing.

1. The double entendre tagline “Chubby Chasers” is quite clever. It works “both ways,” so to speak.

Grade: B.

2. Via Denver. It’s proven by market research that if you can somehow get both “new” AND “cool” into your tagline, it will work 73% better.

Grade: A

3. Also via Denver. Anybody who’s ever been on Xanax knows that’s not at all true, but at least you tried.

Grade: C+

4. Via Texas. The bad puns are deafening.

Grade: B-

5. Via Colorado. It’s doesn’t quite nail it, but good try.

Grade: B

6. Via Texas. His car tells me he is either a very successful violin guy, or a criminal.

Grade: Incomplete.

7. Not a local business, but it is a GREAT tagline for a gong.

Grade: A

8. A great service by this bar in Adelaide. Bravo.

Grade: A

9. Via Manchester, England. Nice. Kill the ellipsis, though. It’s the punctuation mark of the Stupid.

Grade: B+

10. Via New Mexico. “Become a regular” — brilliant.

Grade: A+

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