10 Goddamn Excellent Unconventional Ads

You don’t need big money to create big noise, just a big idea.

1. Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer

Wild idea pulled off in Indonesia using power lines.
Won a Cannes Gold Lion in 2010. Not a scam, see below.

2. CPH Skatepark, Copenhagen.

Signs put up around city skating areas last October, the rainy season in Denmark. Very nice idea.

3. Tennis Masters Cup, Shanghai.

Quite the bizarre way to advertise a tennis tournament — a racket trampoline.
It works!

4. Warburtons bakery, the UK.

Pretty smart way to promote their half white, half wheat loaves of bread.

5. Prime TV, New Zealand.

Break-off stakes.
Here’s some more of Prime TV’s sexual True Blood advertising.

6. Thompson’s Water Seal, at Niagra Falls.

They couldn’t have procured a better product placement.

7. DeWalt Saws, via Qatar.

Especially nice exploitation of the medium. Bravo.

8. McDonald’s, China

Dipping sauce McNugget elevators were created in the busiest mall in Shanghai.
They do create anticipation, don’t they?

9. Slovak School Archery Club, Slovakia.

The club placed these branded apples on the heads of statues all over Bratislava with their website url.
Smart, and cost next to nothing.

10. Oldie but goodie for Coke.


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