10 Very Funny Very Fake Ads

You’ve seen some of these, and some of you think some of them are real.

1. Grumpy’s got the disaffected stare down perfect.

2. BUFFALO BILL— perfect spokesmonster for Oil of Olay.

3. The controversial Benetton Cannes Grand Prix campaign gets punked. Jesus looks reluctant, but dishy Lucifer is all in.

4. This “1860 Pony Express” ad had many netizens fooled. The “orphans preferred” and that pay rate (very high for 1860) were the giveaways.

5. Another vintage ad that has fooled many people. Mickey’s dirrrty response here is Photoshopped.

6. Russian fake IKEA ad. The main clue of its fakeness being that no one would trust a rickety IKEA stool to kill themselves.

7. Pardon, nothing funny about this fake Israeli ad for a Subaru dealership. Translation: “Let’s see who will stand in your way.” The ad depicts a real incident that took place in East Jerusalem (story with video).

8. Back in 2009, “creative collective” The Glue Society erected this scarily authentic H1N1 billboard to promote sketch comedy show “Chaser’s War On Everything.” Love the “caution advertisement.”

9. Many interneters (particularly redditors) continue to post this admittedly creative Durex spec ad as a real tunnel installation.

10. (NSFWish) This widely traveled Skittles spoof spot was created by disgruntled creatives who lost the brand’s business. Hilarious.

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/26753142.

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