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    Posted on Apr 20, 2013

    10 Funny, Creative Pro-Marijuana Ads

    Happy 4/20, Buzzzzz-Feeders.

    1. "Weeds" (The Philippines)

    Spliff-erific partially-rolled up poster promoting season 3 of Weeds on DVD.

    2. "Weeds" (Sweden)

    Now that's a Fatty.
    Bouquets of hemp were sent to press and media agencies to promote the premier of the show in Sweden. Copy on the card: "Weeds. Seriously Good Shit."

    3. "Weeds" (New Zealand)

    This 3-D billboard with two six-foot sandwiches and some prop buds in baggies was actually erected by Prime TV near Auckland. Copy line: “a single mom dealing with life’s problems.”
    The ad agency reported that the fake weed was quickly stolen (probably by the people from the ad agency).

    4. High Times Magazine

    View this video on YouTube

    You older BuzzFeeders will recognize that this video is a parody of this classic, melodramatic (seif-edit: mellow-dramatic) marijuana PSA from the 1980s.

    5. SustaiN Fertilizer

    From the ad agency press note: To deliver the message that SustaiN (fertilizer) grows more grass for your cows, a giant 8m marijuana joint was installed right across from the main gate to the New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays.

    6. Destiny Herbicide

    Via Australia.
    OK, technically not pro-weed.
    But the fact that a huge company like Bayer put this stoner stock photo dude in an ad is pretty goddamn amazing.

    7. Rolling Stone Magazine (Italy)

    8. Grass Roots

    Grass Roots is a hemp store in Calgary.
    There, now you don't have to smoke today.
    Two more Grass Roots ads below.

    9. Grass Roots

    10. Grass Roots

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