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10 Retro Ads That Made Women Look Like Idiots

When Mad Men ruled, and mad women got beaten (says so in one of the ads).

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3. Heinz (read the copy)


1949 ad for Heinz soups, back when men had only two worries: Communism and Dinner.

"Well he's bored with my conversation and cooking.

But if I cook better, he might again start to notice how fucking boring I am.

And the beatings might return.

Oh, shoot — OK, Heinz, I'll give a try!"


8. Serax (a big anxiety drug in the 1960s)


(sorry for blurry copy, only one I could find)

Copy starts: "You know this woman. She's anxious, irritable. She's been that way for months."

Could it be, because she does all the fucking housework?

Well, she ain't gonna get free of that.

Here, babe, pop a couple of these every few hours.

11. There's an endless archive of these horrible ads:

Here's 10 more, including ads by Goodyear, English Leather, and Palmolive.

And here's 10 previous ones, including ads via Midol, Listerine, and VW.