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    10 Retro Ads That Made Women Look Like Idiots

    When Mad Men ruled, and mad women got beaten (says so in one of the ads).

    1. Moore Business Forms


    1952 ad.

    The "Bell" was worn by the least efficient gal in the typing pool, week-to-week. This is Debbie during week #14 in a row.

    2. Ivory

    Via Flickr: sensesworkingovertime

    1968 Ivory campaign pulls no punches and punches women right in their ever-aging faces.

    Unbelievably horrible guilt trip laid on the ladies.

    3. Heinz (read the copy)


    1949 ad for Heinz soups, back when men had only two worries: Communism and Dinner.

    "Well he's bored with my conversation and cooking.

    But if I cook better, he might again start to notice how fucking boring I am.

    And the beatings might return.

    Oh, shoot — OK, Heinz, I'll give a try!"

    4. Cutex


    1964 Cutex lipstick ad.

    Ya got that, DUMMY?

    5. Rid Jid


    1957 ad for Rid Jid ironing boards bragging about their sales.

    Not long enough for you to get out of ironing Hubby's shirts every damn week, sweetheart.

    6. ICE

    Via Flickr: craptoy

    Yes, this is a 1941 ad for ice.

    Women and carrots have the same enemy.

    No, it's not Hitler.

    It's DRYNESS.

    And the giant carrots are going to get their moisture.

    Little women, be damned.

    7. GE


    1967 ad for General Electric bulbs.

    "Hey Miss Pennyworthless, you spilled milk on my letter and put white-out in my coffee!

    Is it too “dim” in here for you?"

    8. Serax (a big anxiety drug in the 1960s)


    (sorry for blurry copy, only one I could find)

    Copy starts: "You know this woman. She's anxious, irritable. She's been that way for months."

    Could it be, because she does all the fucking housework?

    Well, she ain't gonna get free of that.

    Here, babe, pop a couple of these every few hours.

    9. Fairbanks-Morse lawnmowers


    1956 ad.

    See, hon, it matches your outfit.

    I'll be inside drinking my myself blind, have fun.

    10. Tab

    Via Flickr: hollywoodplace

    Another ad in the Tab 1960s hilarious Mindsticker™ series.


    11. There's an endless archive of these horrible ads:

    Here's 10 more, including ads by Goodyear, English Leather, and Palmolive.

    And here's 10 previous ones, including ads via Midol, Listerine, and VW.

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